This Is Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Performing (And The Best Way To Fix It!)

This Is Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Performing (And The Best Way To Fix It!)

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In today’s competitive environment of internet marketing, there’s no question that content is king. Content is everywhere you look and folks love consuming it! It should come as no surprise that content is at the core of almost all marketing strategies, with an estimated 94% of small companies concentrating their efforts on content marketing. Having said that, with almost all businesses now focussing their marketing initiatives on content, it’s becoming increasingly tricky to stand out from the crowd and make your content marketing interesting and successful.


Have you attempted content marketing only to find that you’re not getting the desired results? Well, you’re most probably one of many companies that are in the same boat. Don’t lose faith though, there’s no doubt that content marketing is one of the most useful ways of expanding your customer base. So, here are 4 reasons why your content marketing might not be working and most importantly, ways to fix them!


  1. You don’t have a strategy


Like any investment, if you don’t have a strategy and set KPIs to assess results, how can you possibly improve? Putting up blogs and sending tweets are excellent, but if you don’t have any plans then you’re merely aiming in the dark. For you to construct stimulating content that followers will engage with, you must have a clearly-defined strategy that should be aligned with your business goals.


Regardless of whether you wish to enhance brand awareness, website traffic, or conversion rates, your strategy should include KPIs alongside short-term and long-term goals. These marketing goals should complement your business goals so you have a clear understanding of your audience, the purpose of your content, and the kind of content that will work best for you.


  1. Your content is not original


With the massive number of online business nowadays, it’s critical that your content is distinct from others. Too many businesses will generate content without investigating the landscape and subsequently generate content that just gets lost in the crowd. Your content should be exciting, fun, and most importantly, offer value to viewers by supplying solutions to typical pain-points in your niche. Alongside this, different kinds of content suit different communication approaches, so consider the best ways you can achieve this, either through infographics, videos, diagrams, or even just thought-provoking or intriguing text.


  1. You don’t promote your content


One of the biggest oversights that small companies make with their content marketing is that they don’t actually market it! Even if you’ve constructed the most ground-breaking article the world has ever seen, who will see it if they have no idea it exists? In order to flourish with your content marketing, it’s paramount that you promote your content through all available avenues, including:


Social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google+).

Email newsletters.

Adding internal links to your blog post.

Pitching to influencers and bloggers in your market.

Submitting it as a guest post to bloggers in your sector.

Including links to your content when commenting on other blogs and forums.


  1. Your content is not search engine friendly.


Content consists of a large portion of your SEO, so it’s vital that your content is SEO friendly and never use black hat tactics to attempt to enhance results. Keyword stuffing is a typical mistake that businesses will make in their content creation, in conjunction with using the wrong keywords, duplicate content, and not optimising meta tags.


Do some research to identify the most suitable keywords that your target market would use to find your content. At the same time, use meta tags to your benefit to entice more viewers to your blog. Search engines always want to deliver the best content to users, so if your content is valuable then other sites will link to it, increasing the likelihood of earning more high-quality, credible links from relevant businesses.


At the end of the day, there can be hundreds of reasons why your content marketing isn’t delivering you the intended results, however these points should deal with most of them. If you’re intending to invest in content marketing, you can’t do it half-heartedly. Undertake as much research as you can about your viewers, your competition, and your keywords, and construct meaningful content that your visitors will naturally engage with.


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